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From left to right:

1.  Su Kong T'ai Djin was the first of the three Grandmasters, born in Fukien in 1849.  An outcast from society due to being born completely coverd in hair , he learned every style of kung fu and was named Grandmaster of Fukien.  When the temple was raided at the emperor's orders, he and the others fled to the hills to continue their training.  Su Kong died in 1928 at the age of 79

  Ie Chang Ming was born in 1880.  He studied at the Fukien temple until its destruction and became a great master of Iron Hand and Golden Snake among others.  After a harassing encounter with some agressive troops that left 11 soldiers dead, he fled to Indonesia where he established a Shaolin school.  He was a hard teacher, and demanded that students prove their willingness to learn.  Grandmaster Ie Chang Ming died in 1976 at the age of 96.

  Sin Kwang The' was born in Bandung in 1943.  He heard about Ie Chang Ming's Shaolin school eventually proved his determination, being accepted as a student at the age of 7.  Grandmaster Ie would train him first in stances, then in forms, and then in much harder circumstances, blindfolded, hands and arms tied up. He achieved his first black belt at age 13. In 1964 he got a scholarship to the University of Lexington in Kentucky and studied engineering while still studying Kung Fu and building up amazing skill.  In 1968, he was awarded the 10th degree black belt, making him a Grandmaster and the youngest ever.  When Grandmaster Ie died, Sin The' gave up engineering and devoted himself to Kung Fu. 

Elder Master William Leonard is Grandmaster Sin The's senior most student and a deadly fighter.  He lives and operates a successful kung fu school in Lexington, KY.

Senior Master Joe Schaefer has trained in Shaolin Kung Fu since 1984.  He was promoted to 7th degree black belt by Grandmaster Sin in September 2011.  Master Schaefer also has a P.H.D in Neurophysiology and taught for 6 years at the University of Texas.  He trained directly under Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé from 1987-1994 and is now a private student of Elder Master Leonard.  Master Schaefer currently operates a very successful school in North Austin, TX and has personally overseen more than 250 black belts so far. 
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